Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller

Jennifer E. Miller, PhD, Founding President

Dr. Jennifer E. Miller is the founding director of Bioethics International (and its initiative the World Council for Ethical Standards) and is a residential fellow in the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University.

Dr. Miller also teaches in Columbia University's Bioethical Cross-cultural Educational Program and in Fordham University's Graduate School of Business – where she was a fellow in Fordham's Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center researching the quality of IRBs and human research subject protections for clinical trials run in developing countries.

Previously, she served on the U.S. Taskforce for Pediatric Mass Critical Care under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a steering committee member from 2009 to 2011, where her work focused on the ethics of healthcare resource allocation.

A prolific speaker, Dr. Miller has (co)chaired numerous conferences - including the Open Hearts Open Minds and Fair-minded Words Conference at Princeton University in 2010, the Biotechnology Industry Organization's ethics panel on responsible research and development in 2009, and the United Nations affiliate bioethics conference on procreative beneficence, conscientious objections, and R&D ethics in 2008. Her expertise has been featured in both the domestic and foreign press including on Fox News, CBS News, AP News and the cover of Science Magazine's Career section.

Additionally she has served on the American Medical Association's National Disaster Life Support Education Consortium, as a special consultant to the United Nations ECOSOC (organ facilitating international cooperation on standards-making and problem-solving in economic and social issues), and as an advisor to the Association of Schools of Public Health's Preparedness and Response Core Competency Development Project funded by the CDC.

Dr. Miller has authored several articles and book chapters and received multiple grants, including a Susan G. Komen Foundation grant to develop ethical standards for the pharmaceutical industry (focusing on clinical trials and informed consent, the publication of clinical trial results, marketing practices, and access to medicines issues).

She holds a BS in Physics from Fordham University, a Master's and Doctorate in Bioethics from Regina Apostolorum, and is completing a Post-Doc at Harvard University. She is proficient in the English, Spanish and Italian languages.